About Us

Lynn Cooch and Diane Monson

Lynn and Diane are both members of the MN Boxer Club and Lynn is also a member of the Heart of MN Great Dane Club.
Lynn bought her first Great Dane, Duncan, 1979 and he lived thirteen years. “I did not know how fortunate I was to have a Great Dane live that long. "

I met my mentor and friend Fay Rogstad in 1992 when I was thinking about adding another Great Dane to my home. Although, it was not until September of 1999 that I got a puppy from Fay, she said she always knew she would get a puppy into my house!

Bentley was my first "show dog" and we learned the conformation ropes together. He was the perfect companion, exceptional temperament and was wonderful with other dogs.

Diane, a long time animal lover, wanted to add another dog to our home and researched several breeds. At the Duluth Dog show we were watching the boxer ring and a six month old boxer girl named “Bubbles” jumped into her lap. That little fawn girl sealed our fate and we started looking for a boxer.

We met Vikki Linstroth and she had two boxer puppies, both show possibilities. Diane was not sure about show ring but, Vikki insisted we should have a show puppy even if we did not show her. Diane looked at the little girl and then we put her back in the crate and took the little boy out. The little girl (Madison) pitched such a fit that Diane took her out of crate again and that was the end – she picked us and came home with us that same day.

Madison became our first boxer champion in November 2003 and our foundation bitch. Lynn had so much fun training and showing Madison, since all she wanted to do was please and Diane got hooked on the show ring pointing Madison in the process.  Madison presented us with two beautiful litters of puppies to begin our line. She is still living at 9 1/2 years old (September 2009) and her daughter (Wynne) and grandson (Dylan) also live with us.

Ashton, our second Great Dane was our first champion and had exceptional breed type and temperament. Although he only lived for four years his paw print is engraved on our hearts forever.

We have met so many wonderful people being involved with Boxers and Great Danes that there is no way to name them all. They have given their time and mentored us to become a kennel to be proud of. Thank you all.

At Indigo Boxers N Danes we seldom breed. When we do breed, we strive for healthy puppies with great temperaments, soundness and breed type. We do extensive health testing before breeding to ensure we are producing the best quality puppies we can.